Best Pollen Masks -Things To Consider

Were you susceptible to seasonal diseases or pollen?

Do you often suffer from colds and have sore throats?

A large amount of individuals are suffering from allergy and environmental allergies. Pollen spores are commonly tiny circular or oval grains produced by flowering plants. Although pollen spores are intended to fertilize other parts of the plant, the wind or insects carry them further away and they are found in the air we breathe. View us on

This pollen spores may cause a seasonal allergic reaction as they penetrate the human body through our nose , throat or eyes. Allergies to pollen are common and continue for half or most of the year, usually around spring or fall months. Pollen spores can travel a long distance by wind, and their air levels may vary from one place to the next.

Some common pollen allergy symptoms include:

Nasal traffic jam

Itchy throat sores


Runny neck


Eyes Watery

The eyes may even be impaired, culminating in eye redness , swelling, and sometimes allergic conjunctivitis, i.e. eye streaming. A blocked or stuffy nose can also cause headache and you may experience sleeping difficulties as well.

Also allergic asthma and hay fever (allergic rhinitis) are other symptoms. Rhinitis is characterized by neck inflammation. Allergic rhinitis can affect sleep, concentration and general quality of life.


Below are few steps you should take to prevent the symptoms of a pollen disease indoors and outdoors:

Pets can be a carrier of spores for pollen. If you allow animals to play outside, avoid the

Bring them over to your bedroom.

Keeping the windows and doors closed in your home may also help to prevent pollen

Spores come in from below.

Stop utilizing fans or opening windows within the attic during pollen season.

Secure your clothes in a dryer machine instead of hanging them outside.

When you plan to go on holiday during high pollen season, choose a location where pollen levels are low, such as beaches.

Try not to be outdoors or keep your activities to a minimum during the early hours of the morning, as that is the time when pollen spores are most common.

When driving, people allergic to pollen will keep their vehicle windows locked.

Those suffering from allergies to pollen should avoid grass mowing.

If you insist on keeping your lawn and working yourself in the yard, don’t forget

Wear a mask to cover yourself from spores of pollen falling in through your nose.

Besides such steps, there are also prescribed drugs to offer relief for allergy sufferers. There are alternative ways to avoid pollen allergies and stay healthy, for example by using a personal or home air purifier.

It can be difficult to keep away from airborne pollens and allergens all the time. Everywhere you go Pollen is present. A personal high performance rechargeable air purifier that emits healthy negative ions can keep you safe from pollen spores. Such negative ions drive pollen spores, dust mites, smoke, mold and viruses from personal space away from consumers.

People who are allergic to pollen may use a travel air purifier while travelling by simply hanging it around their neck. The greatest thing of having an air purifier is that you can travel wherever you wish, fulfill your duties and work day by day without worry. Personal air purifiers are discreet as well.

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