Biological Weapons – At a Glance

If we are to send troops into a foreign land and the enemy uses biological weapons to attack our troops, then we will have to defend against this and protect each and every soldier’s human bio systems. But we also need to worry about the reduction of bacteria and the problems that bio warfare contains in combating compounds, chemicals and biological contaminants. Learn more about Biological Weapons.

Of starters, even though the soldiers put on their protective gas masks and helmets, that does not mean that the microbes or biological pollutants or chemicals are not all over the cars and equipment and that they all have to be washed too. Moreover, the environmental issues with biological warfare will continue for the people and residents remaining in that region after the battle even after the enemy has been vanquished.

So even though we haven’t used biological warfare as a country, then if the enemy has been vanquished we would be left to clean up so then we need detailed guidelines and techniques and robotic equipment to support us with the elimination of residual bacteria and biological pollutants. It is somewhat close to our roles and obligations and the dignity of our country, the United States of America, in digging up the land mines that were placed in a conflict that could have been used against us.

It’s the best thing to do even though the opponent was incorrect to do so, so everybody needs to pick up. I hope you’ll consider this please in. We need to allocate research and development dollars to protect citizens of all nations from contaminants linked to biological warfare

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