Caring For Your Marble Counter Tops – 7 Easy Tips

As many people try to make it look, it’s not a difficult task. The honed surface (natural appearance, not shine) is even easier to take care of than the (shiny) polished surface. Visit our website to get free information about protective options

Even though its quality of beauty , elegance and flexibility requires maintenance; caring for the surface of the marble is not a function of rocket science. Marble is a smooth material, which makes it easier to paint than granite. It is also very sensitive to vinegar and acids such as citrus juices; ring marks and a dull look on the marble surface will be caused by their chemical reaction (a.k.a. etching). Your marble’s careful upkeep will maintain its elegance for years to come, and save you from the trouble and expense of getting it repaired by a stone expert.

1-Ensure sure the spills are washed immediately;

2-Use under-glass coasters and bottles

3-Rinse with clear and cold water the milk or blood spills (hot water can make it worse) as quickly as possible;

4 – There is not so much to think about regarding rough surfaces as far as washing and repairs are concerned. With scouring pads you can use abrasives, chlorine, and soaps without harming them. Keep in mind that the sealer added will break down even though they will not damage the marble honed surface harsh chemicals; thus, it will shorten its lifespan. Using a gentle cloth to insure you clean the surface properly and clear.

5-Skip all household chemicals for the polished (shine) coating, then opt for pH Friendly marble cleaners. Household chemicals, the polished surface will not only wear off the sealer but also damage (scratch).

6-Do n’t attempt to scrub stains from the top of your marble counter until you know precisely how to do it yourself.

7 – And last but not least, if you’ve had a regular sealer applied to your marble counter top, you’ll need to have it sealed again after a few years , depending on how well you’ve observed the tips above.

For its beauty and long-lasting life, Marble has been a part of the world ‘s history, so make sure you treat with the care and respect it deserves.

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