Choosing Your Ice Machine

Why buy a computer for ice?

An Ice Machine is an integral part of a food service company’s commercial kitchen equipment and commercial restaurant equipment. Ice machines are cheap and easy to use and to maintain. It is a beneficial investment to buy an ice maker.Kindly visit Portable Ice Maker Reviews to find more information.

You should use guidelines when selecting the correct ice machine for your business.


Form of ice

Form of cooling system

Form of Condenser


Other (various)

Size of your ice machine: Think about the space you have available for the device and the amount of ice your company consumes annually when deciding on the correct size of the ice machine. Note, in the summertime and on weekends, you will need to generate additional ice. Purchase an ice machine that meets your needs for peak production. Conclude your purchase of the ice machine by examining the key and minor data. Base your final option on your latest market flow and also on a possible rise in market. For each ice machine, analyse the spec sheets given and carefully review output charts.



Yearly use

Usage peaks

Select over-production rather than under-production

Spec Sheets for Analysis

For your type of company, what type of ice is ideal? Forms: Three different types of ice are created by ice machines, including various cube sizes and designs as well as flaked or nugget ice.

  1. Cubes: There are two sizes of cube ice available; half cubes or whole cubes. Spec sheets provide data on the size of the cubes that are formed by an ice machine. Cube machines, considered to be the most common machines for ice making, create a solid cube that melts slowly. For carbonated beverages, mixed drinks, ice retail, salad bars and ice dispensing, full dice ice machines and half-dice ice makers are suggested.
  2. Flakes: Thin, hard bits of ice are made by flake ice makers. Flakes cool foods and beverages easily while producing low production costs. An exclusive advantage of flakes is that they can be shaped into any form easily. For salad bars, seafood, meat, produce, blended cocktails, and for hospital use, flakes are best used.
  3. Nuggets: Nugget ice makers create a textured, pliable, chewable ice that gives beverages the optimal cooling effect. For a nugget ice machine, buying an agitator kit is important as the ice will melt and bind together and cause clogging. The suggested use of nugget ice is for blended drinks, carbonated beverages, drinks, salad bars, produce, and hospital use.
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