Cold Hardy Palm Trees for Northern Garden Planting

Palm trees were once considered ideal for planting only in tropical areas, but a variety of cold hardy palm trees exist naturally, growing in America, where snow occurs in wintertime. The windmill palm tree, Trachycarpus fortunei; the Dwarf Palmetto palm tree, Sabal minor; the Saw palmetto, Serenoa repens; and the Sabal Palm, Sabal palmetto; and the Needle Palm, Rhapidophyllun hystrix; most of the knowledge reported in books, journal posts, and web pages is highly conservative, possibly because the national cold toughness checking is a newo Start purchasing a few palm trees to plant and flourish in your backyard. Quite broad specimen palm trees can be bought at a few internet nursery websites for semi-truck quick distribution. Learn more by visiting Desert Horizon Nursery.

The Windmill palm tree, Trachycarpus fortunei, is also named a Chusan palm and a Chinese Windmill palm tree, has been introduced into the United States from Japan, maybe first, but most botanists agree that this palm tree developed in China, where many seed and model plants were bought for introduction into the United States. Windmill palm trees are a familiar sight in the countryside throughout America, the United States and Canada. Such Windmill palm trees are very cold hardy, and can be seen thriving around Lake Lucerne, Switzerland’s city streets, where the palms grow up to 40 ft tall. The sleek, elegant trunks are lined with brown-black fibers that look as hair from a distance, and the fibers turn gray with age, and the fibers fall off on big, aged trees to expose a smooth, delicate root. Clear green above and silver-grey below the waxy leaves; rising 2 feet tall and 2 foot wide, smaller than most other palm trees. Windmill palm trees grow a flower stem 2 foot wide, with light, beautifully aromatic flowers developing into 1⁄2 “long blue fruits. Windmill palm trees, Trachycarpus fortunei, are so cold hardy that semi truck loads of large model trees have been sold nursery for consumers in Canada who wish to buy a palm for tropical landscape design.

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