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Employee compensation attorneys exist in every state to help employees maintain their rights when injured at work. These are a must and, too many, businesses who seek to offset missed income at whatever expense will trample on those privileges. In a perfect situation, the laws are followed to the letter and the proper care of an employee after an injury is taken in. But we’re not living in a perfect world and litigation is sometimes the only way to stand up for your rights. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings surround the concept of injuries and wages lost. Here are some of the most significant myths. For more info go to this web-site.

Pre-existing Lesions

Some of the main reasons a company can offer to refuse compensation is a pre-existing condition. Let’s presume in a traffic crash, two years earlier, you injured your ankle. You re-injured the knee yesterday while at work. Is your coverage going away just because the knee was hurt in an unrelated incident years ago? Definitely not. Workers compensation attorneys fight this myth on a daily basis and for trying to exploit what they perceive as a loophole more than one employer has been pinched. Blaming an accident to a medical event somewhere is deception, but this doesn’t mean the pre-existing accidents that are compounded at the medical are unceremoniously to be tossed away.


Not all misconceptions about work-related accidents fall in the employee’s favor. It’s a popular myth that an disabled person is entitled to their entire salary while having to stay out of the job. This is not the case (unless it’s incorporated into the deal, of course). Employees are often entitled to 70 per cent of their regular salary if dealing for an illness. Depending on where you live and what the limits are in your state, it could be more than that. Workers ‘ compensation lawyers in your area will be familiar with the income laws and will be able to advise you more specifically.

Coming Fired

Often that is not necessarily in the interest of the employee. There is a widespread misconception that an employer is powerless to terminate the person on the job for being hurt. That’s not necessarily the case here. Indeed, you can expect to be fired if you were doing something against the employment rules when you were hurt. That will not, of course, mean you don’t have a situation. Worker’s compensation attorneys are constantly encountering cases such as this and the story often has more. Don’t make conclusions about your privileges. Consult a prosecutor to make sure you realize what you are, because you have the reason to do so.

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