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The injured person may choose to lodge a personal injury lawsuit and collect payment for his or her injuries if someone is harmed in an automobile accident or from a slip and fall brought on by negligence or recklessness of another individual. A successful serious accident lawsuit needs the support of an expert Seattle injuries specialist who should be able to prove how reckless or negligent the other party was. Four conditions have to be fulfilled to be eligible to prove neglect  Page & Eichenblatt, P.A. is one of the authority sites on this topic.

Proving carelessness

To order for a group to be deemed as “negligent” to the eyes of the statute, the following four requirements must be met:

  1. The convicted would have committed a clear obligation of reasonable consideration to the complainant. For eg, a construction site boss owes a clean and secure work environment for his or her workers. A property management or owner, along the same lines, owes its tenants a home with no defects or dangers, such as lead paint, leaky gas lines or structurally unsafe stairs.
  2. The defendant did not give the complainant this obligation of treatment.
  3. The inability of the defendant to uphold their duties culminated in an accident which caused injuries or damage to the complainant. Usually this is the most challenging task to satisfy. Also, eye witnesses play an important role in verifying this indicator of competence.
  4. The complainant suffered serious injuries or harm owing to the accident. This is usually done through medical reports and images.

Expert Testifiers

If wrongdoing is proved, the Seattle personal injury attorney for the injured party can turn to a “expert witness” to testify on their behalf. Expert witnesses are usually people who have a thorough understanding in a certain area that makes them more knowledgeable than the average person to comment on a particular topic. Of example , a professional witness can be a structural engineer who testifies that the staircase was structurally flawed, or another expert witness may be a financial advisor who estimates the complainant’s damages.

It is very important to note that the accused party can employ an expert witness for rebuttal as well.


Once all evidence is gathered and each side has established their own argument, discussions will begin on mediation. One group makes a deal, and then the other party checks the bid with the aid of a personal injury lawyer from Seattle. When they consider that the sum offered is too high or too low, they will be able to refuse and resubmit a new offer. Negotiations must proceed until both sides are pleased; having said that the matter will likely be taken before a court who will determine how much money the complainant gets if the two parties can not agree.

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