Elementary Health – Cranial Osteopathy for a Child

It is a common misconception that childhood is the least stressful phase of life, but one of the most stressful cycles that the human body can ever undergo is actually the very beginning of childhood. It’s magic to be born, but it also causes tremendous pressure on the new life as it is pushed out of the canal of birth. This pressure will cause the bones of the head, still malleable, to push together and overlap. This also results in a baby with a slightly odd shaped head being born.Learn more about us at  Elementary Health

How the skull form of a baby affects its health and wellbeing

You will note that a baby’s head typically takes on a more awaited form as time passes, but this does not necessarily indicate that the bones have taken their intended position. A skull that does not achieve its optimal form can prove restricting to the brain of a infant. The result of this is clear; pain from the pressure. There are several baby behaviours that can be activated by this discomfort; behaviours that can disturb both children and parents or guardians.

Crying if a baby is not borne or continually comforted all the time

Problems with feeding a baby


Problems with a sleeping infant

Grows As an Infant

The issues caused by pressure will increase and diversify as a child develops from being a baby to a toddler. These issues may have a negative impact on the growth of a infant.

Play and Conversation. The pain can affect the attention span of a child, causing difficulty focusing on games with other kids.

The ‘awful twos’ plus some. During the ‘terrible twos’ age, a child’s actions may be much more troublesome, and the period itself can be longer. A child pulling her hair or banging her head may be irritated with the pain and not only exhibiting disposition.

Further modifications to already stressed bones may worsen the pain of teething.

The symptoms of a child’s distress extend from toddlerhood to childhood.

Volatile and unpredictable behaviour can continue to occur.

The posture of the child may be disturbed and this may cause them to feel pain.

A child can easily be clumsy and exhausted.

In their studies, a child can be behind and be diagnosed with learning challenges.

How will the symptoms be alleviated by Cranial Osteopathy?

Gentle manipulation is used in cranial osteopathy to help alleviate pressure. It has a beneficial effect on the movement through the brain and spinal cord with cerebro-spinal fluid. Children respond immediately after treatment in various ways, most frequently sleeping because of relaxation, but there is often a burst of energy, or even an unsettled period that typically does not last.

It should be remembered that there are many attributable causes of childhood habits and diseases, and medical advice is often an vital part of the well-being of a child, but cranial osteopathy is a very effective non-invasive, therapeutic approach to a lot of problems that can make childhood unpleasant for the child and for parents or guardians.

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