How To Prepare The Room For Bed Bug Inspection

If you have bed bugs at home, it is possible to address the issue using an integrated pest management ( IPM) strategy. Bed bugs are rough management species. However, before medication is administered there are measures you may do to help with the issue. Bed bug inspection near me is one of the authority sites on this topic.

There are other pretreatment precautions you will follow after bed bugs are detected and verified in your house. Preparing space for examination of bed bug is key to effective control of bed bug.

Before any cleaning a detailed examination helps you to assess the severity of the issue. Until medication is administered it avoids discomfort and spread of bed bugs.

Checklist for Bed bug inspection

  1. Remove curtains and drapes from the window, put them in plastic bin bags and securely seal the bags.
  2. Take from bed all bedding, pillows and covers, and put in plastic bags. Seal the bags securely before being moved into the laundry area.
  3. Small drawers, closets, night stands, wardrobes and chairs, then bring in plastic bags of possessions. Seal the bags stiffly.
  4. Placed shirts, jackets and accessories in plastic bins. Seal the bags securely until they are put into the laundry area.
  5. Put any loose clothes (e.g. clothes located outside the dresser) in plastic bags and washing as seen below.
  6. Remove all things from under the bed and on the floor and put them in plastic bin bags and securely close off the bags.
  7. Put all unwashable objects ( e.g. disposable toys, books, electronics) into plastic bags for examination and securely seal the bags.
  8. Remove everything, except luxurious chairs, fabric and fluffy products and put them in plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.
  9. Remove and wipe out the soft sofa pillows, if necessary.
  10. Move the furniture away from the wall at least 18 cm apart.
  11. Drop socket coverings, turn wall covers, phone jack tiles, and light switch coverings.
  12. Remove all hangings in the wall (e.g. photo frames, mirrors) and clean and handle the objects.
  13. If necessary, delete TV set from wall array. Hold all electronic devices in the service centres.
  14. If heating or air conditioning systems are next to the bed cover the inspection front door.
  15. Undo carpets at the intersection of the wall / board. Do not cut the space tapestry.
  16. Remove all artefacts placed on the wall and put them in a plastic inspection container.
  17. Remove the covers of the electrical socket and turn pad.
  18. Place books, newspapers, notepads and papers etc. into an examination container.
  19. Remove everything from floor to require detailed inspection.
  20. During surgery, animals and people will vacate the room and stay outside the facility for a period of four hours following diagnosis.
  21. When you are in the building with a fish tank, cover it with a towel or plastic because it is highly prone to pesticides.
  22. Disinfect and remove all sleeping linens and other products before the bed bug issue is fixed.
  23. Ensure that you have keys to room, bathroom, all furniture and baseboard for review and care.
  24. Wherever necessary, pry baseboard away from wall.
  25. Dispose with the plastic bags used to bring infested objects into an outer trash container.
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