Massage Enhances Athletic Performance

Being an athlete requires a tremendous amount of determination and hard work to be in top position in any competition a sportsman chooses to embark on. Athletes need to invest more in their physical abilities if they want to overcome rigorous training and achieve on-the-top performance than just possessing exceptional abilities and mental capacities. With a considerable amount of time spent on drills, how can athletes ensure that their bodies are up to the training standards and are able to recover more quickly for the next set of workouts? How can athletes boost athletic performance with a fallible physical body? The answer is simple; your old, straightforward massage can do some tricks for you.Do you want to learn more? Visit Eden Prairie Athletic Performance.

Massage promotes athletic rehabilitation and success, says a comprehensive review on the Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness Journal. After an evaluation of available research literature, the databases indicated that athletes would experience delayed muscle soreness during exercise, accelerated muscle tissue regeneration, as well as a positive psychological context through massage. Massage might just take your athletic performance to the next level with these interesting potentials.

In addition, there are several effective ways to help athletes with therapeutic massage in their sporting endeavours. In a study carried out by McMaster University researchers, before and after workouts, selected male athletes were subjected to muscle tests. With one leg receiving the massage and the other serving as leverage, muscle biopsies have been taken and examined to determine any potential benefits that the massage may produce. The leg receiving the massage of the deep tissue has significantly improved the number of mitochondrial cells, the components responsible for converting nutrients into energy. As a result, the muscles can withstand longer hours of fatigue as the muscle cells channel more energy into and use it. Therefore, athletes who have received massage have more stamina compared to those who don’t benefit from it daily.

In addition, therapeutic massage has also merited attention, since it can also increase the recovery period. Athletes will experience increased blood flow through this alternative treatment, better range of motion and decreased muscle tension. Expectedly this list of benefits will help athletes prevent needless accidents or injuries. In addition, a report that appeared on the Journal of Athletic Training website reported that delayed-onset muscle soreness can be supported by as much as 30 percent with associated minimal muscle swelling by therapeutic massage. Delayed-onset muscle soreness is a condition that is characterized by muscle pain and soreness that typically occurs after exercise or when athletes return to vigorous training following brief inactivity periods.

Last but not least, massage impacts not just the physical dimension of athletic success but also the psychological domain of sports competition. It has been noted that athletes who undergo massage have reported mood changes and have a significant decrease in levels of anxiety. It, in effect, is responsible for the athletes’ recovery, thereby getting them in the right state of mind, ready for a peaked performance filled with action.

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