Mosquito Repellents – Choose Them Wisely, Use Them Safely

Do you know that mosquitoes even from afar can sense the presence of humans? They ‘re attracted by the sun, moisture and carbon dioxide that’s given off. Most mosquito repellents function by concealing the chemical signals that attract mosquitoes. A strong repellent after only one application can provide protection for a long period of time. That ‘s important because the mosquitoes spread many diseases such as West Nile virus.Link

It is important to bear in mind that mosquito repellents do not adequately protect everyone. There are many factors involved including the type of mosquito and the person concerned’s age , sex and level of activity. Also remember that mosquito repellent works only on the surface it is directly applied to.

DEET is one of the most powerful repellents on mosquitoes. It was made available in 1957. The Center for Disease Control (CED) recommends it as one of two products, since each performs well and provides long-lasting protection. However DEET has a very clear safety record. Additional drug is picaridine.

Mosquito repellents come in a variety of concentrations. Which one you choose depends on how long you are typically outdoors. You could be looking for a drug with 20 percent or more of DEET if you’re normally 3-4 hours out. Scientists tell us, however, that goods containing more than 50 per cent DEET do not provide additional security. A product with less than 20 percent DEET or 7 percent picaridine offers good protection if you’re often outdoors for less than 3 hours.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), DEET does not raise any health problems when used according to instructions and is not classifiable as a human cancer. The CDC does not recommend that DEET be combined with sunscreen, or that items be combined. The American Academy of Pediatrics says DEET is healthy for children aged two months and older at concentrations below 30 per cent

The CDC recommends two other active ingredients which, while not as long as the higher DEET concentrations, usually provide relatively long protection. We are eucalyptus lemon oil, and IR3535. Eucalyptus limon oil is a synthetic form of the natural thing. The EPA check indicates that lemon eucalyptus oil offers equal protection to the low DEET concentrations. Nonetheless, read the label as the drug should not be used on children under the age of 3 years.

There is no evidence that ultrasonic mosquito repellent systems actually operate given several experimental studies. Nor is there any proof that people can repel mosquitoes from consuming garlic, vitamins, onions or any other food. It seems that the portable carbon dioxide emitting traps are still too new for scientists to make any decision.

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