Natural Mattress Vs Spring Mattress

Inner-spring mattresses can be the most commonly used form of mattress, but that doesn’t guarantee they ‘re the right for you. We’ve put together 5 clear explanations for preferring a Natural Matress over an Inner-spring:


Inner-spring mattresses must be tossed or rotated about once every three months in order to dry out uniformly on the surface. They will start displaying signs of deterioration within 1 to 2 years of your purchase, which minimises the reinforcement you need and ensures your body weight is not distributed equally across the springs. This prevents the neck from being positioned properly. In order to test sagging, Grand Soleil natural mattresses endured an experimental evaluation by CATAS. The mattresses were subjected to 60,000 rolls from a roller which put 100 kg of pressure on the mattress (simulating 10 years of use), the overall displacement was less than 2 mm at the end of test. Learn more by visiting BoxDrop Pensacola-BoxDrop.

  1. Monitor

Many spring mattresses with the exterior padding have a closed structure; it does not facilitate proper air circulation. Combining a conventional pillow-top spring mattress will help you feel colder. The more padding you have under your body the less breathable your skin is. This will result in an hot , humid, disturbed night. Natural mattresses have an open cell framework that is produced through the manufacturing process; processing is slow enough in the foaming machines to cause the cells to be pushed open. The foam is then compressed and strengthened to further expand the pores, thereby enhancing the material’s breathability and provide a comfortable, fresh sleeping setting.

  1. Performance

Innerspring mattresses can build pressure points and of varying reinforcement, the standard springs can’t make room for your body curve. Particular shoulder-like sections, hip can fall in further than other areas of a mattress. Instead of reacting to your body at certain times, an innerspring mattress works back toward your core. A pressure point will block blood flow to that region, contributing to a tossing and turning night. Sleep device Grand Soleil (mattress with slats) offers anatomical assistance. They are built to maintain your body in the same position as when you are standing to allow your cervical column to relax fully, for a deeper and more effective sleep.

  1. Unique

Inner-spring mattress construction provides the ideal living and breeding atmosphere for dust mites that are known as the primary source of asthma, Hay Fever and other allergies. Within springs mattresses will host mould and mildew over the span of a few years and are challenging and costly to clean. The Dorsal sleep device is built to allow air to move through it, meaning that the mattress stays dry and clear from dirt, and an inhospitable atmosphere for dust mites and allergens. Even the cover is flexible and washable; more hygienic than conventional spring mattresses.


As the springs mature, innerspring mattresses will begin to create noise as the springs can not travel smoothly while in operation. Real Grand Soleil mattresses are metal-free and their construction ensures zero disruption to the companion and no squeaking! Spring system of electrical wires in your home will even generate magnetic field, this unstable magnetic field is not a safe sleeping atmosphere, real mattress does not have this kind of impact and since the mattress material is made of natural oils it is really good for our bodies.

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