Other Uses Of Leaf Blower

I used mine for a variety of stuff.

Thanks to the portability I went for a gas driven model, over electronic. I will ride anywhere and don’t have to think about cords. We are a little quieter and smellier so our portability balances plenty.

I have identified several applications.

Sweep out of the shed. Only blast out the garage like the road will be. Simple, quick and should do better than a broom. It is a lot of enjoyable too.look at this site

Clear out the dryer vent-We have a long hose extending from the dryer’s back to the house leg. Necessary washing. I was just bringing the blower inside, pushing the dryer and sticking it in the pipe. I just switched it on and played for a minute, then placed down the dryer. I went outside to see what was going on. There were bits of lint that I needed to clean up all over the yard. Loss: Loss.

Air dryer-Simply blast out the drips once you have done cleaning your vehicle and it is still clean. This should further avoid stains in the bath.

Careful my girl-said plenty, maybe my wife can read this.

Cleaning up the interior of a car-I had some dirt interior my pickup, some dog fur and litter. Both doors opened and here we’re moving. I was very taken by the job it did. I’m not going to say this is more powerful than a vacuum cleaner, but the enjoyment factor is much, much bigger.

De-clumping the lawn-I typically hesitate too long to mow the field, if you’re like me. When I’ve finished there are grass clumps all over the spot. Pull the clumps, then dissipate them with the blower across the yard. Different than ricketing.

Smoke screen-Everyone with James Bond. Only take a pinch of baking flour and scatter it over the section of the fan. Viola to you! Only don’t overuse. Yeah, I am seeing the wheels spin. There are too many options. Only make use of the creativity, and make it simpler.

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