Permanent Laser Hair Removal

All right, all right, you guys are totally going to think I’m weird when I admit this… The first thing that pops into my mind is “laser gun” when I think “laser,” which would then normally lead to “laser gunfight,” which would eventually become a “epic interstellar war set in the Thirtieth Century.” -click for more info

I realise that most people’s thought-trains don’t go in those directions, I’ll admit, somewhat off-the-beaten-track, but you’ll have to admit, an interstellar laser war of the thirtieth century sounds pretty cool. Lasers are actually used for some pretty boring stuff these days, though. Like permanent hair removal with a laser.

If I had a preference, I’d much rather use my laser gun to zap baddies than zap my armpit hair. However, I don’t have much of an opportunity to do this and I still think lasers are really cool, so therefore, laser hair removal is also really cool.

Anyway, what is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is when -usually permanently- the hair on a person’s face and/or body is removed using powerful light pulses set at a specific wavelength. This laser pulse attacks the hair shaft’s melanin or pigment and damages it by heating the follicle so that the hair does not regrow. The skin in the region where the light pulse was aimed would not heat up if the person’s skin colour is substantially lighter than their hair.

Permanent treatment for laser hair removal won’t take on some people, but you can be pretty sure that the hair in that region won’t grow back on those who do. That’s why they call it laser hair removal PERMANENT. This method of hair removal is very reliable, although it is commonly known to be less reliable than electrolysis, which uses a mild electrical jolt rather than a powerful laser light beam to kill the hair shaft.

However, permanent laser hair removal is a lot less painful compared to electrolysis. However like electrolysis, so that you can ensure that the area you want to treat remains permanently hair-free, you may have to go back for a few weeks or months for several treatments, so that any hair strands in their “resting period can be removed when they come out of that phase and start developing again.

What are the best styles of Laser Hair Removal candidates?

As the laser beam targets the dark pigment in the hair shaft, the best candidates are typically people with very dark, coarse hair and light skin. Darker-skinned individuals typically appear to end up with decolored skin around the treated region, depending on the type of laser being used, because the light would not be able to target their hair as well as with a stronger contrast between dark hair and light skin.

The greater the contrast between light skin and dark hair, the better the outcomes of permanent laser hair removal are typically possible, and the less likely a person will be to suffer from side effects.

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