Pet Probiotics – Good Bacteria They Need

First, always take a tour of the facility to which you would like to bring your furry boy. Check for cleanliness, health and how many caregivers per dog. Each 5-6 dog should have about one attendant. Even staff are there to clean up the messes that dogs make from defecting, scratching, and blood if some dogs get into a serious altercation. Lastly, the facility should be protected from potential attempts by curious dogs to see what’s on the other side of the gate, and from unauthorized access by individuals not supposed to be there.Feel free to visit their website at probiotic for more details.

These are all important to keep your fur baby happy, healthy and safe. When going to day care, dogs should be given all their normal immunizations and bordatella (kennel cough) before being allowed to interact and play with other pets, but there is one more risk that pet owners should be mindful of when they find a day care facility for their K9.

A protozoa called Giardia is present, which is transmitted through the feces of a dog and can cause severe diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. If antibiotics are not treated properly it can be fatal. That is why it is important to ensure that the facility is clean. This is a perfect way to spread Giardia when facilities have standing water, like ponds or doggy pools. If dogs walk on tainted urine, play in the pool and then drink Giardia from the same pool so please be aware of this.

I have my own puppy who’s been through this ordeal and it seemed like every time I took her to day care, I’d get a call from them saying she’d have diarrhea. I pick her up and take her home for the next few days and keep an eye on her. Not so much fun for any of us either. To determine the cause, I took her to the vet, so the vet took a fecal sample and, sure enough, had Giardia. I went through the excitement of oral antibiotics and stayed home for a week, notifying my day care, my poor dog. As we went back to the daycare facility, I asked what precautions they had taken to ensure that the Giardia did not spread and that dogs got that all the time was told, rather off side. Basically, nothing was done and not even contacting other owners to let them know that their dogs might have been exposed to this protozoa. Unhappy with the answer and blase attitude, I took home my dog, found a new day care, and since then my Zoey has had no issues.

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