River Ridge School of Music & Dance – At a glance

Typically, this city ‘s climate is bright and dry. It is said that the sun shines over 300 days a year in River Ridge! The River Ridge Recording School is among the most noteworthy schools here. For the past 20 years, within one month of applying, this institution has put its students in a mentor-apprentice program-until now, the school has kept such a commitment. Teaching is at the epicentre of the teaching philosophy of this school by hands-on instruction. This school should be at the top of your list to check out in this wonderful place, if you want to become a musician who knows how to record or if you want to make a living as a music recording engineer. Students learn every aspect of music and sound design as well as music production through courses in both music and audio theory and music and audio production, all inside a fully equipped professional recording booth.Learn more about us at River Ridge School of Music & Dance

The Institute of Audio Recording Technology focuses on music and audio engineering as well as a module for producing music. The creation of music requires recording live instruments and voices for live singing. The college also shows you how to mix tracks and master a CD , DVD or MP3 album-all of these can be learned from the module for music recording.

If you are more inclined to learn the ins and outs of computer-based production tools, the Advanced Audio Engineer Module at the Audio Recording Technology Institute is what you should have. This module is made up of mixing, synchronisation and a complete audio recording software tailored for each learner ‘s interests. This software also provides specialised methods for both film and music recording and mixing. The course of study at the Audio Recording Technology Institute is for the very serious student who wants to step into a music recording studio right from graduation and begin his career due to the most advanced module they offer. These Albuquerque music schools are sure to deliver a full well-rounded education with focus also on professional wear, conduct and work ethic.

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