Porn Addiction Among Teens

Most people don’t know that pornography can actually be addictive. That is neither a joke nor a moral judgement. People are addicted to porn and it interferes with their lives and those around them. The Internet has made a significant contribution to the phenomenon of porn addiction, since exposure to pornography has become simple from a very young age. Furthermore, people who would not usually have access to porn suddenly have their fingertips safe, simple, 24/7 availability AND it’s even discreet and easy to hide. And how does that affect teenagers and how do you avoid it? Get more info about Parkplatz Young-Devotion.

How do teenagers get into pornography online?

Many parents think their kids are innocent and won’t go on the internet searching for adult content so they don’t need to worry. However, to find pornographic content a child doesn’t need to actively search online. It comes to him / her via email (spam), cybersquatting (sites whose names point to something innocent but whose content is not), sending links to friends, etc. Even if a child is exposed to adult content and knows it is unacceptable, due to the tricks used by certain websites, he may have difficulty getting “out” of the platform.

It’s out there but is it really so bad when my teenage son sees a couple of nude women?

We each have our own views of the world and we draw lines when it comes to sexual content. What’s important to remember is that there is no limit to the type of content available on the Internet today. Anyone can post content on the web and there is no authority that regulates the content that is posted, let alone checks it. Sadly, there is an explosion of content-images, videos and text that goes way beyond the tasteless to the truly upsetting. Pornography consumption and the numerous uncensored content being disseminated online offer teenagers a skewed image of what constitutes natural relationships and normal sexual behaviour. Teens are in an era where they develop their sexual identities and when they become young adults. These are the years in which they establish their first intimate relations.

An person that become desensitized to “soft” porn, and then search for images and videos that are hardcore. A teen who merely shapes his sexual identity may be highly affected by the images and ideas to which he is exposed. What can start as a mistaken exposure can spark their interest and lead to porn addiction later on.

How do you tackle the danger?

Of course maintaining an open channel of communication with your teenage children is always necessary. This can be especially difficult for teenagers. They can be resistant to sharing details about what they do online and of course about their romantic and/or sexual desires with you. It is necessary to make sure that they understand clearly what is and that is not Good. Even as you may be stopping your teen from subscribing to a pornographic site, the laws should also apply online.

Yet the typical teenager of today, talking with friends late at night alone in his or her house, may be likely to deviate from your guidelines — even by accident. When you believe that your adolescent watches pornographic content and may be addicted to pornography or may even have a porn problem, you may look at what websites they visited. For example, you can opt to “View History” in Internet Explorer, and take a look at each website visited last week.