How to fix a leaking pipe- Insights

Even though copper and other metal pipes last for years, occasional leaks cannot be a total surprise. Until a plumber arrives, you will have to do so something yourself to stop the spray. The fixture described in the following will last a while but it is only meant to save the situation until the plumber comes to replace the leaking section of the pipe.

The place where the leak occurs is important in deciding how to shut off the water. When the pipe leaks between a supply stop and an appliance, the water will simply be shut off at the supply stop. If the pipe leaking is one of the supply lines that run from the main shutoff and there is no other supply stop between the main valve and the leak, then the water must be shut off at the main.If you’re looking for more tips, -Read More Here

As with all home repairs, before starting to do the job you must prepare your tools, supplies and safety equipment: scissors, screwdriver, rubber gasket material, hose clamp, mop or sponge, bucket, goggles. Then the first step is of course to shut the water off.

Put on your safety goggles and cut a small piece of rubber gasket material. It must be just big enough to wrap the pipe, ensure covering for the leak and about 1/2″ of material on the two sides of the leaking spot. Afterwards wrap it around the pipe where the problem occurred. Unstrap the hose clamp and place it around the gasket material. Bring the strap end through the end where the screw is mounted on and tighten the clamp screw using the screwdriver. If the leak affects the supply pipe you will need a different clamp, a sleeve clamp. This one wraps around the pipe and the gasket material like a sleeve and it is also closed with screws. Another step is required when dealing with supply pipes: you must smooth the area around the pipe rupture with a metal file so that the gasket material won’t be damaged. Now that the clamp is in place, you can clean the water that leaked using the mop or sponge and the bucket you prepared.

After you are finished you can turn the water supply on. The repaired area might drip, in which case you can further tighten the clamp. Since this is only a temporary fixture, a plumber will be called for the final one.