Ileostomy Support Belts- An Insight

The stool must usually empty into a pouch or bag attached to the adhesive patient abdomen. The excreted stool is mostly acidic liquid type and can cause serious irritation to the skin that surrounds the stoma unless properly treated. There are several different options to choose from for the patients with ileostomy. The ultimate goal is to find the right appliance for the patient and require the longest wear period. Leakage protection is very critical to the patients. check our website to learn more.

Types of Pouch or Bag Appliances-The bag will contain the stool overflowing from the stoma of the ileostomy. Growing pouch has a spout or drain at the bottom of the bag. The pouch needs to be regularly emptied to prevent overfilling which could lead to leakage of the appliance. There are several pouches of various sizes and types. The bulk of these are odor proof and others may have a filter used to remove gas before emptying. The patient will ideally have access to a compassionate ostomy nurse who will help find the right solution.

One-piece-A one-piece appliance includes as a one-piece package the bag and the adhesive skin barrier or flange. The flange has a hole which can be cut before being adhered to the skin to match the specific size of the stoma. Some one-piece tools can be precut to the size of a stoma patient.

Two-Piece-This package consists of two different pieces; the skin barrier flange or adhesive, and the bag. The flange sticks to the muscle, and it is attached to the bag. The flange will remain in place while removing the pouch and replacing it with another. This form of appliance is more effective and could be the best device for anyone with skin sensitivity.

Reusable and disposable-A reusable pouch has an adhesive membrane attached to the skin and the pouch can be washed and reused. Disposable pouches have an adhesive layer ready to be added to the skin, and after each use can be thrown away.