Introducing Limo Service

You’ll need to decide three things before booking your limo. What’s your Budget First? A standard limo costs between $100 and $300 an hour, and as much as you may want to save here and just rent it for an hour – you should be reasonable in your hopes that your whole wedding will go off in an hour or less without a hitch. The rule of thumb to follow is to pay for an hour earlier than you expect to use the limo so you won’t be stuck at the church when and if something goes wrong. Weddings seldom begin on time; the best man invariably forgets his tie or the bridesmaid leaves her boutique in the hotel room or the groom ‘s mother runs late. Relieve your tension now by arranging your rental period for such contingencies. You ‘re going to want to make sure you have plenty of time for the limo to take you to the church, wait for the wedding to start and then take you wherever you’re going after the wedding.Have a look at Limo Service for more info on this.

The next question is what size you need for limo? Again, the thumb rule here is to rent out more than you think you like. When a limo claims it can carry ten passengers the average passenger weight is measured at 150 pounds or less. Put in a few big guys and it can all of a sudden seem like a very short, crowded trip. Not exactly the luxurious trip you relied on for your wedding day. So if you’re just planning on a party of ten, rent a party of 14. Having so much space is better than getting the bridesmaids sitting on the laps of the best men and ushers because you went tiny.

What kind of limo do you want to rent? You can hire a standard limo carrying ten to fourteen passengers or you can go for a specialty limo such as a Hummer Free Reprint Posts, an expedition or antique roadster but be prepared to pay a considerable amount more for the specialty limos.

And when you prepare your limo budget you can also count the driver ‘s total night bill in a 15-20 per cent cash tip. This is supposed to be a gratuity so make sure you include it in your wedding budget.