Hire A Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Let’s face it, no one ever thinks they’re going to be involved in a motorcycle accident and hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is the last thing they think about when they do, because many people believe they’re going to be taken care of in the event of a motorcycle accident if they have full motorcycle insurance coverage. The truth of the matter is that you should always employ a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you so that when dealing with the insurance company of the at fault party, your  rights are protected.Learn more by visiting Motorcycle Accident Lawyer-The Clark Law Office

The first thing you should do after being involved in a motorcycle accident is seek immediate medical care; even if you don ‘t think you’re seriously injured, those minor aches and pains can quickly become serious medical problems, and nothing is more important than protecting your life and health.

Once a physician has seen you, finding a qualified and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at once should be your next course of action. You need to make sure all the facts of your accident are well documented during your traumatic ordeal, including witness accounts of the accident and that all other evidence is collected and recorded. I have overheard quite a few riders in my 20 years of riding motorcycles saying, “If I already have full motorcycle insurance coverage, then why should I hire an attorney when I get hit on my bike?”

The answer is a fairly simple one. If the police proved you were not at fault in the accident, and even if the at fault party admits he was at fault, the insurance company of the at fault party will almost always deny your claim in full more times than not, forcing you to go to court, and in the event of serious physical injury and damage to your motorcycle, this means you will need an experienced and aggressive motorcycle.

So how do you find and hire your accident claim and the right motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you? When talking to prospective lawyers, there are quite a few things you need to take into account, and first and foremost, you want a lawyer with extensive experience in motorcycle accident claims, who knows the laws in your state, and a lawyer who has won a large percentage of his cases.

Hiring a lawyer who specialises in probate law to fight your motorcycle accident case does not make any sense, and hiring a lawyer who also rides a motorcycle brings additional experience and insights to your case because having a lawyer who knows the physical and mechanical elements of riding a motorcycle brings instruments and knowledge to be used in your case.

By checking the internet for lawyers in your area, start your research. There are a lot of questions you should ask, like:

How long have you practised law for?

How many cases of motorcycle crashes did you deal with, and what percentage did you win?

How are you going to pursue my case?

In your case, what are the problems he foresees?

What options are yours?

How is he going to charge the lawyer for his services?

How long will it take for my case to come to a conclusion?

While you should get your case and a lawyer to represent you as soon as possible, you shouldn’t just hire the first lawyer you’re talking to. Your queue to move on immediately is any lawyer who can not give you few straight forward answers over the phone or who seems confused, worried or deceptive. While examining and making qualified judgments on your case over the telephone would be almost impossible for any lawyer, once they have the basic information that can offer their professional opinion, your next step would be to set up an appointment to meet.

Hiring an experienced and qualified motorcycle accident lawyer to fight your case will ensure that your legal rights are fully protected, and that your case is presented to the courts and the insurance company in a favourable light.