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Technique of Snorkel Clearing

It is important to test your skills on how to use the snorkel before venturing out into open water. Place your head under the water to immerse your snorkel below the surface. You can feel the water is flowing through the barrel of the snorkel. It is important that you hold your breath at this point. I know it may seem unnatural to hold your breath with an open mouth, but it is simple. Do you want to learn more? Visit Snorkeling Tours. Only keep this in mind when you notice the water has reached the snorkel, never inhale it.The next step is to extract the snorkel from the water. Only after you have lifted the snorkel above the surface of the water will this be achieved. For now, once you learn the skills needed to snorkel, never exhale while your snorkel is underwater, as your instinct is to inhale until you run out of air, and all you get is water. So, surface the head without raising it out of the water and rapidly exhale into the snorkel aggressively and sharply. This will blast the water out of the barrel of the snorkel. This snorkel clearing blast method can extract virtually all of the water from your snorkel. A second forceful blast will kill any small amount of water remaining.

You should also bear in mind that even though you do not immerse your head underwater, water can also reach the snorkel. Sometimes, some water may come in due to surfing conditions or excessive splashing. So, breathing carefully is one thing to keep in mind. You can clean any water that reaches the snorkel by repeating the blast process.

Often, even though you may have some water left in the snorkel, you can breathe air past the water until you have enough air for another blast though you inhale slowly and use airway control. This ability to breathe beyond the limited amount of water left in your snorkel indicates that you have mastered the technique of airway management and proper snorkel clearing.

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