Things to Do After a Truck Wreck

Crashes involving 18-wheelers and other large commercial vehicles are typically highly dangerous due to truck size and weight. The time is really tense, right after the accident. If you or a loved one were involved in a large commercial truck crash you are probably overwhelmed with emotions. But the day is critical, right after the accident. I can not stress the importance of hiring or recruiting an experienced truck lawyer as soon as possible. The main explanation is that the truck needs to be checked, measured and retrieved from its data recorder before any of this information is lost or even worse damaged. Checkout website for more info.

Big trucking firms have their own squad of investigators who usually get sent right after it happens to the site of the accident. It is critical that the truck is weighed inspected and data recovered from its black box before the trucking company makes any repairs.

Key witnesses must be interviewed and key pieces of evidence preserved at the earliest opportunity. It is necessary to take photographs of the scene, vehicles, vehicle placement, debris patterns and skids marks the day or crash, or as soon as possible afterwards. Measurements of intersections, lanes and skid marks are key factors needed to recreate what happened.

Time is a crucial factor so fast acting is important.

  1. First, call an injury attorney with experience handling 18-wheeled cases. The handling of these cases requires specialized skill and knowledge and not every injury lawyer has what it takes.
  2. Don’t talk to anyone from the trucking company or its insurance company. There’ll be plenty of time after you hire an attorney to talk to you, but it’s absolutely critical that you don’t talk to anyone about the crash until you hire an attorney and your attorney says it’s okay. To converse with them.
  3. Sign NO papers or documents until an experienced attorney has reviewed them
  4. Secure your vehicle and store it out of elements. Do not allow anybody else or the insurance company to take possession of your vehicle until after you have consulted an attorney. One crucial piece of evidence is the car itself. Do not harm, remove, fix, adjust or change anything on the vehicle in any way until you have consulted an experienced lawyer
  5. Keep copies of all medical bills, accident or report numbers from the police department, photographs of the vehicles and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. Send your solicitor the details as soon as possible

If you do these 5 things as soon as possible, you will be very much helping yourself and your family. I’ve written this information for you and I hope it will help you to know what to do right now.

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