Understanding about Vancouver Realtor Association

So, with this, each month-day-week the laws lean more and more to make it easier for the Realtor to cheat, one of these terrible actions on the Real Estate Customer is mandatory E and O insurance. The Real Estate Agent Defend themselves from the Real Estate Buyer through Law Making. I have seen a Realtor several times writing that a buyer would have Lake Access, that the seller already has lake access, and if they buy, the buyer will have it. Without proving it, the Realtor knowingly lies or simply goes for what the seller says and ultimately the buyer is left to fight for years to get justice or to get access to the lake that they were promised will “come for” the Deal. In real estate, there is no consumer protection. Click here to find more about Vancouver Realtor Association are here
If realtors lie knowingly or without really understanding the truth, they have no responsibility either way. They can clearly state that they did not know and they are covered by the rules. Particularly before they used “Lake Access” in their ads, they should have learned. But the Realtor realises that they have no real responsibility and a lot of loopholes to get out of any financial accountability so that they do not go ahead and show what the seller claims and do not provide the seller with any real facts.
One event, I mentioned a parcel of 20 acres, the seller said they had access to the lake, I believed them, but I needed evidence in my file, so I asked the seller for the easement or documentation that showed they had access to the lake. You won’t believe they had a purchase sale agreement with the paperwork they had, whereby the Seller and the Realtor wrote that their access was to the lake. If it was on the purchase sale, the buyer thought it was valid, they really had Lake Access

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