Understanding Toland Law, LLC in Boston, MA

Are you having some drug problems? Have you recently been arrested for the sale, use, trafficking, possession or even production of marijuana or any other type of controlled substance? Did you say yes to this question? If so, then you need a criminal defense attorney who has specialized in charges related to drugs. If you have been arrested, for your charges, you will have to see a judge. If you are going to appear before a judge in court without being represented by a lawyer, you are not making a wise decision. What could happen is that you could end up with a felony conviction when everything is said and done.Learn more by visiting Toland Law, LLC in Boston, MA

In the future, you won’t want to have this crime on your record. Drug laws will vary from state to state. What you like to see is a criminal defense attorney who practices law in the state or territory where the felony has happened. You’re going to want to find a criminal defense attorney who is going to take your case. It’s going to be the key to having a chance to beat or even completely reduce the charges.

What you’re going to find is that a lawyer for criminal defense can assist you with a marijuana charge. The public defender will not be able to assist you as a criminal defense lawyer can. To make it positive for the offender, the public defender will not put up an adequate defense. Some states allow marijuana, such as the use of medical marijuana, to be lawful to some extent. You will be told to plead guilty by the public defender to make the charge just go away. You will quickly get the first offense reduced to a misdemeanor if you have a criminal defense attorney.

You have to note that you are receiving a retainer from the criminal defense attorney, so they are negotiating with you. They have no motive to find or work for the lightest penalty or fee imaginable compared to the public defender, who receives zero monetary from you. In your expense, they are looking for the quick way out The first drug conviction is usually a misdemeanor and you might get a fine of a few hundred dollars. When you get caught again and you don’t use a criminal defense attorney, what happens? You could have a crime in the file, with the prospect of up to three years in prison. By using a criminal defense attorney, you can all help escape prison time together.

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