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A car purchase in the life of an average American is probably one of the most important events. Many people deliberate on the merits of buying a new car in compared to a used one, which is more likely to be a cheaper option. This article will help you points to ponder while making such deliberations.Have a look at for more info on this.

Why buy a new Car?
Let us look at some the more obvious advantages of buying a new car over a used one:

Peace of mind:
The most obvious and the most important advantages of buying a new automobile is that you will get peace of mind. Because every new car purchase is vigilantly protected by lemon laws. (Lemon laws protect consumers from buying products that have inherent defects in when they have been sold the proverbial ‘lemon’). Under the lemon laws the manufacturer or the seller is obligated to repair or replace the car in case there is a major defect in the automobile. And if the purchaser does not agree to either of the options then the seller or the manufacturer has refund the car payment in return of the defective vehicle. This is something that is rarely possible if you go for a used car purchase and used cars insurance.

Low maintenance cost:
The new car won’t need much maintenance for several thousand miles in the beginning. Even after that all it would require is a few tune ups and regular oil changes, which in many cases are done free of cost for the first few times by the seller. Also, there is less likelihood of the new car needing a change tires, batteries, exhaust or other such parts any time soon. Hence, in the long run the new car may not be that expensive an option.

Warranty coverage:
The warranty coverage is much more comprehensive and for longer period than what even the most professional new car dealers give. Many new cars today have an option of warranty up to four years and fifty- sixty thousand miles. Hence, if something goes wrong it is the manufacturer’s responsibility of getting it fixed. Many auto makers even provide warranty coverage for power trains as well as corrosion resistance.

The pride of possessing a new car:
And above a all buying a brand new car gives some intangible yet very important. The pride of owning a machine that is new, a status statement you are doing well. Something that is worth spending a few bucks more.

Once you decided to buy a new car the easiest option is to check to online and use various find new car applications on many automobile websites. These websites will also help you in finding new car discounts and auto rebates and incentives being offered by various manufacturers as well as car dealers.

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