Vital Information Regarding Best Air Purifier for Dog Hair

Why is the right air purifier for puppies, cats or other animals? This depends on many variables-what sort of pet, what kinds / sources of pet odors (feces, vomit, general pet odor), how many dogs, how big the pet region, your budget, and other considerations such as how bad the odor or allergies are, etc. Ironically, there is one common source behind both pet odors and human allergies: dander. What does dander mean? Pet dander is made up of dead skin cells, skin oils / spores, tiny fecal spores, bugs, hair / fur parts, saliva, and so forth. When this dander is airborne, isolated or combined with pollen, we always sense a scent in the region of the cat, and whether we have allergies, we start sneezing or some other allergic reaction. Mist, of example, also arises from the urine or waste of a horse, cat, or other species. Even as much as we’re washing, the odor still lingers.Do you want to learn more? Visit

So which air purifier is the best to remove odor from dogs and cats, a and fragments of airborne dander / dust? The bottom line is to find the one that has the attributes that match the particular condition better. Here are few tips: 1) Make sure the air purifier has a real HEPA filter if the key problem is asthma from breathing in dander / dust / particulate matter. 2) When the question is pet odors, search for activated carbon or charcoal and the stronger, because this carbon absorbs fine, volatile organic compounds from pet dander, skin oils, urine etc. Those are the substances perceived by our noses as the ‘dust.’ 3) Provide an air purifier protecting the environment the animal lives / moves in. If the dog, cat or other animal is in an confined room, a smaller device would be required than if the dogs / cats are roaming freely in the house. Only look at the overall square footage of where the animal will move, and equate it with the air purifier ‘s specified scope (most should display that in the professional specifications).

And if you can afford it, use an air purifier of good negative OH-ions, not ozone, since such ions allow pollutants to fall out of the air until we ingest them and destroy bacteria / viruses that become airborne. For pets we would suggest the two key models are the Blueair 450E and the Winix 9500. The Blueair 450E comes with a strong HEPA filter, active odor fuel, and negative ions, plus automated sensors, and a phone. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier has identical characteristics but less fuel, which is much cheaper. Both are decent but if you can pay a little more, because of the superior HEPA filter, increased fuel, and lifetime guarantee we will prefer the Blueair 450E over the Winix model.

About The Author: Rex Murphy is an enthusiastic fitness lover, professional martial arts coach, and distributor of Air Purifiers and Rex is also a guitarist with a Bachelor in Science in Pre-Med Studies / Psychology and several years in natural healing practices research.

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