Audrey Christou LED Light Therapy  to Rejuvenate Skin Cells

Scientific experiments have shown that when subjected to red or infrared LED wavelengths, certain skin cells growing potentially grow 150-200 per cent faster. The rise in cell development will also greatly improve the healing cycle. Tests also also shown that both red and infrared LED wavelengths influence at least 24 varied and positive cellular-level shifts.Have a look at Audrey Christou – Facial Spa for more info on this.

Originally designed for NASA plant growth tests in outer space, this technique has discovered that it has the potential to enhance the recovery of injuries sustained by the astronauts when orbiting the Planet. The same technique has been discovered for decreasing folds, wrinkles, scarring, age marks, crow’s foot, as well as growing discomfort and irritation thus speeding the healing path.

The FDA-approved DPL Therapy Device utilizes both infrared LED lights (880 nm) and red LED lights (660 nm) that are capable of penetrating into your tissue where they give significant beneficial effects for your skin, muscles, joints, and circulation. Driven light therapy is a chemical-free, drug-free solution for pain reduction and skin rejuvenation which is gaining increasing popularity.

The DPL mechanism has been shown to cause endorphin development and is able to inhibit pain-transmitting chemicals that ultimately give a safe and non-narcotic analgesia. It has also been seen to promote collagen production, a vital protein inside the skin used to maintain the skin young in appearance and acting. Also, LED light therapy increases the output of DNA which helps the body replace damaged cells more quickly with strong and healthy ones. In addition, this technology has been documented to increase cellular energy that promotes healthy and younger skin.

Benefits of LED Pain Light Therapy: Relieves Body and Joint Aches and Discomfort Improves Drainage Decreases Inflammation and Swelling Helps Bone Fatigue and Stiffness Relieves Body Spasms Relieves Back Pain Restores Tissue Harm Benefits of LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation: Enhances the development of collagen Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles Speeds up tissue loss It helps you to enjoy the immense benefits of this technique on your body and face, which makes it easier to improve healing in and on your body and obtain a skin that looks younger.

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