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Buckley Utility Locating Systems uses CCTV to help locate underground utilities and plumbing. Inspection by CCTV is a proactive and non-destructive way of finding utility sources underground. This method uses video surveillance technology to obtain visual proof about where the underground facilities are located. This method also helps to assess any problems involved with the sewer and drainage systems, such as blockages or leaks, besides determining the position of underground utilities. There are many advantages to using CCTV in utility locating.  Seattle Underground Utility Location is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The first benefit of using CCTV for Buckley Utility Locating is that it is reliable and highly efficient. It can be used in locations where cameras are not available. In addition to this, CCTV can be used in remote areas where it is not practical to carry a camera. By using this technique, an operator is able to obtain information from the ground, including its condition and location, by monitoring the movement of the cameras. CCTV also provides a very detailed, accurate view of underground utilities. In addition to this, these systems are easy to set up, which makes them highly practical for people who need quick access to utility sources.

The second advantage of using CCTV for Buckley Utility Locating is the high level of accuracy it offers. This is because the footage from these cameras is processed through video editing software. This allows for a more precise and detailed view of an underground location, and it gives the operator a clear view of any faults associated with underground utilities. This software also allows for the operator to see the potential faults and leaks associated with underground utilities and allows him or her to know the best solution to fix the fault. By using this technique, an operator can see the exact location of underground utilities and determine their exact locations. This can give the operator an easier time in locating the exact source of the problem. Furthermore, this allows for an operator to determine the best way to repair the problem and minimize the damage.

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