Ceiling Fans – An Ancient Discovery that Changed the World Forever

When you believe that Ceiling fans are a thing of the past, and the air conditioning systems have turned them redundant, you’re mistaken. Please don’t take it seriously, most people believe the same thing you do-but that doesn’t make things right yet. Heating and cooling devices are what people have been searching for since time immemorial (well, at least after the human race began to think about comfort). Ancient cultures used fan devices only thousands of years ago to push the air about, to cool them down. It was, of course, something that even the most wealthy and successful individuals could do back then, the rest of the country had to cope with heat and cold some other means they could. Thousands of years had to pass, before modern fan devices could be used by the rest of the population to make their homes more comfortable. It was the ceiling fans introductions. While not being as “exotic” as watching someone gradually fanning above your head those palm tree leaves, ceiling fans are far more effective for shifting air. So everybody knows how much easier it feels on those humid summer days, feeling a wind rushing over you. Although if the air is at the the same temperature as the natural climate, there is a cooling factor in the air circulation that helps reduce the skin temperature. Think of it as driving on a hot summer day in your vehicle, with the windows wide open … Isn’t he feeling good? This is essentially the same thermodynamic theory that has been established for thousands of years-long before the inventing of automobiles.Have a look at CeilingFansHQ for more info on this.

Benefits of the ceiling fans With the invention of technology, ceiling fans expanded exponentially all over the globe, being the traditional form of cooling in any confined room you might imagine: homes, restaurants, movie theatres, you name it. While you mainly think of ceiling fans to combat the hot weather, they are still really useful to help warm the room. If used in combination with some type of heating equipment, ceiling fans produce a wonderful output maximisation. Hot air falls, as everybody knows-therefore warm air would eventually increase before it’s near to the roof-not the most productive position to be. Using the ceiling fan rotating in the opposite direction would help disperse the heated air around you, which ensures you’ll create big savings on your heating bill. For this same cause, most ceiling fans come in with a “winter / summer” turn. You should be able to use it during the year-it is not only a “summer” product. That’s why you still have fans with high ceilings in most shopping centers and in some wide-open stores. Because they have big and efficient air conditioning systems operating constantly, the fans on the ceiling help optimize their performance. And if you use it in your house, the very same thing is valid. Also if you have an air conditioning device or a generator, you can also suggest adding ceiling fans. Perhaps it would be enough to only switch on the ceiling fan to cool you off, preventing you from putting on the air conditioning device. And the ceiling fans can help you find a cool atmosphere around your house even quicker on those very hot days you need to turn the AC on. And the same goes for those cold winter days, when you have to heat up your house.

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