Documents Required To Ship Your Vehicle Overseas

When preparing to move to a new country abroad, we all realize it can be a very difficult time in your life, with all the paperwork you need to buy, and that’s no different as you plan to take your car with you as well. In this article we’ll look at all the key pieces of paperwork you’ll need to think about before sending your car with you overseas. Learn more about shipping a vehicle.

You won’t always be required to produce the original copy when collecting the required documents, but it’s always a good idea to keep your entire original document in a safe location that can be easily accessed if another copy or the original itself is required during the journey for some reason. There are many problems that may arise, for example, before your vehicle has even had the opportunity to leave the port.

You will be required to obtain copies of those documents before the car shipping company can make your reservation:

V5C (Vehicle Registration Certificate)-you will always need V5C cars or a logbook previously known as V5C cars, this document is used to prove your ownership of the vehicle and is the most important document when shipping your vehicle abroad.

Bill of Sale – The vehicle sales bill may be requested if your name is not the one present on the original V5C vehicles, this is requested as a security matter to ensure that you are the current legal owner of the vehicle you are trying to ship.

Passport / Photo ID — You will be required to produce a copy of your photo page from your passport or any other form of legal photo ID, this is just another security measure to be taken when shipping any vehicle overseas, allowing shipping companies to then reference your Passport / ID details to those on the other documents you have produced.

Consignee’s Passport / Photo ID-If you are unable to pick up your vehicle for any reason once it has reached its intended destination, you will need to produce some kind of photo ID for your consignee so that the car shipping company can pass it on to the port so that they can release the vehicle to your consignee.

MOT Certificate-If you plan to pick up and deliver your car to the port, you will be required to produce a copy of your MOT certificate to prove that the vehicle you are driving is legally safe to drive.

Once all these documents have been produced to your shipping company, they can proceed to board the vessel of their choice and start the booking for your car. The shipping company will be able to give you your shipping notice, which is a prerequisite for the vehicle to reach the port, after all the reservation has been made and completed, the shipping note includes all the information regarding the vehicle such as its booking number, the description of the boats, port export and the port of arrival. If this document is not produced when you arrive at the departure port, your vehicle may not be accepted for departure, which will result in additional charges and delays.

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