Domener – Know More

Domener is a metal band that has been around since the mid-noughties (and even earlier, but not well known in the UK). They are part of the ‘Banksy’s graffiti’ movement, which means they are politically aware and make comments that many other bands may not do. Domener features four members, featuring vocalist/singer Peter Himmelstaedter (guitar), Matt Taylor (bass/lead guitar), Lewis Cook (drums) and Gregarious Smith (keyboards). Their sound is influenced by post-punk, alternative music and classic rock. A very catchy and intelligent song from their debut album, Domener is called ‘Domesticated’.

Domesticated is an amazing opener that uses distorted tones to build a powerful atmosphere. The guitars sound like they are tearing apart an image in your mind (Domesticated sounds very much like the sound of a broken record, very distorted). The lyrics are great, quite political in nature with mentions of pollution and the current environmental crisis. In addition to this, there is also quite a lot of guitar distortion in the background which is very noticeable at the end of the track, when the tempo slows down and the band play a series of riffs. I would definitely say that Domesticated is worth a listen to.

Domesticated also features on the second album ‘Sorce of Dreams’, an excellent EP. This EP contains material from the first two Domesticated albums ‘Punk Loves Attack’ and ‘A Boy from Los Angeles’. On the songs from A Boy from Los Angeles, Domesticated mentions a place called Domestik where you can find a tattoo parlor. This is where I got my ‘claw grip’ from, it is a great name for a place, I can imagine it being a very depressing place if I went there on the wrong day. For an English band, Domestik is a pretty bleak name, I would have given them a more positive name, but unfortunately this is where they fall short.

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