Drainage Systems – Preventing Property Damage

If your home or business ever faces excessive water on the ground, it could result in extensive damage. Excessive water will move across your property and even invade areas as small as the smallest crawl space or even larger spaces like a basement, resulting in significant damage. If the area of your yard is continuously saturated with excess water, it can become unseemly. Additionally, soil erosion will cause your lawn to suffer. For this purpose, you can hire professional irrigation, Smart Foundation Systems landscaping and maintenance professionals to provide you with knowledge about drainage systems that will not only solve the problem but also prevent it from happening in the future.

To set up a free initial consultation, you can call and have one of the company’s representatives where a specialist will discuss drainage systems that will resolve your needs with you. The specialist will identify the issues through a detailed examination, analyze the structure and design of your property and provide you with an effective solution. Many choices you can have include trench drains, French drains, and sump pits and pumps.

Customers often get a drainage solution because their existing one is not up to the job and could not have avoided significant damage to property. The business or homeowner may have had on the property or flowerbed standing water, and may have downspouts or sump lines that gush water continuously any time there is plenty of rain. The following are issues that may arise from failing to provide a proper system.

-Weakening foundation — Extensive flooding — waterlogged gardens — destroyed mulch — damaged lawns — Various puddles on the property — basement leaks — mosquitoes and increased infestations of pests — mildew — mold soil places a large amount of pressure on the basement walls when filled with rain water that can lead to shifting, cracking, crumbling and additional structure. A drainage system can regulate runoff water above ground and avoid the bulk of it from creating drainage-related problems. An important thing to consider is that 1,000 square feet of root that only has one inch of water equals nearly 625 gallons that have to go somewhere. Irrigation, landscaping and maintenance professionals can provide effective and appropriate drainage systems to prevent issues with the lawn, the basement and the landscape.

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