Essential Pool Table Accessories

There are a lot of required accessories to make a pool table work properly, such as felt pool ready, covers, signs, chalk, balls, and shelves. Those are listed below.

Felt Table Pool

Pool table felt is the coating (usually green or red) on the table and on the sides of the table. It is made of wool, as it has been for more than 400 years (although some do use wool-and-nylon blends). The high-quality felt pool table is denser and thicker than the low-end felt and the high-quality felt allows the balls to travel along the table faster and more accurately. Low-end felt is more durable and softer, causing balls to move more slowly and less accurately. Generally the low-end felt is used in bars where high traffic warrants its use. Feel free to visit their website at for more details.

Table Covers for Pool

Pool table coverings are one of the most popular accessories you can purchase for the pool table. They cover your pool table, when not in use, from dust , dirt, spills and other pollutants. Typically they come in leather or vinyl, with weighted corners for durable protection. It is possible to get vinyl covers for under $10, while the more desirable leather covers range up to $ 100.

Lake Challenges

Pool references or cue sticks come in two forms: one-piece and two-piece. One-piece hints are available in bars for the casual user , usually for the general public. Two-piece signs have a butt and a shaft in a cue case which can be unscrewed for easy transport.

Typically two-piece sticks made of maple wood, with the butt covered in linen or leather to retain moisture, and a tip made of hard-wrapped leather, are standard pool signs. Low-end swimming pool signs are frequently seen in bars and typically come as just one piece, with no butt covering, and a plastic and graphite top.

Chalk Swimming Pool

When you’re shopping for pool table accessories, pool cue chalk will be among your first buys. Once the tip hits the cue ball, Chalk is added to the pool cue to maximize friction. Chalk also gives better control of how much spin the ball is having. Store up for your pool table or tables on chalk, as players love to chalk the tip when sizing up their next shot. (Fun fact: chalk is made of fine abrasives, in other words, chalk in pool cue chalk is not available.)

Balls in the Shower

Pool balls come in several sets of various forms. The 16-ball set that includes 7 solid balls, 7 striped balls, a black 8-ball, and a white cue ball is the most common type of set for pool balls. Typically this type of pool ball set is used for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and Cutthroat games. Be sure to ask for the right kind of package while you are buying pool balls.

Ball Racks in Pool

Pool ball racks may be made of plastic or wood. Wood is more durable and a little more costly than plastic but worth the price if you’re looking for years of great, long-lasting use. Pool ball racks usually come in the standard triangle, which you can use for both 15-ball games and 9-ball games, and the diamond shape specially designed for 9-ball games racking.

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