Facts My Dermatologist Didn’t Know

I still knew when my neighbor got her botox removed, because it looks like her skin was bathed in anti-wrinkle face cream. Besides, when she sees me as she normally does she doesn’t light up. In the beginning, I felt I had unintentionally hurt her feelings and made her miserable before confiding about her botox injections. Truth is, her face couldn’t beat too much.

I don’t blame her for wanting to look young, but botox isn’t for everybody and it’s certainly not for me. Firstly, getting to and from is the time involved. And the cash! You can spend hundreds of a year, easily. Only think of the suffering as if that’s not enough of a deterrent. Botox and filler injections hurt and I am not suffering voluntarily. By clicking we get more information about the  Acne Treatment

Wonderful, pure anti-wrinkle face cream is what I’m totally into. And I have not heard from my mother about skin care either. She used to walk around with the greasiest, sorry dear face. When it began to sag it looked like her whole face was melting into her neck and running downwards. I’m not sure what kind of stuff women used back then.

Rest assured the skin care has been going a long way since those days. Cosmetic procedures are of course different from botox and fillers. They do a lot of laser stuff but they are also very expensive. I had to learn how to keep Father Time away from me with college tuition to pay for without hurting any part of me, particularly my credit card.

I became extremely healthcare conscious in my older age. I am watching what I eat and I’m watching what I put on my skin. I have even cut back on salmon as far as eating is concerned, which I ate almost daily. A Harvard Medical Newsletter report truly turned my stomach around. It talked about what kind of polluted salmon actually is, even the wild caught type. We just should eat it once a month! That was something of a surprise.

So I eat whole grains, beans , nuts, raw fruits and vegetables and that’s what it is for. Changing my diet has just helped my look. Then I looked for the best anti wrinkle face cream I could find, free from chemicals and full of antioxidants to kill the free radicals that age us so. Especially we practice nuts which make radicals more free than anyone else.

There are those creams out there and I’m very happy with the results. I was accused of having had a secret face-lift after using my favorite one for a time! I was thrilled that I knew other people could see it worked out. It wasn’t just my imagination. The delicate vertical lines around my upper lip are gone. They used to be the bane of my life.

Even the puppet mouth that I was creating has gone missing. When I’m not expecting it I see myself in store windows and I’m so happy with the young gal looking back at me. Nobody would have thought I had children of college age.

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