How To Start A Mobile Car Wash

Why do you want to start your own mobile car washing business? According to The International Car Wash Association, automotive washing is a four billion dollar a year market in the Western United States alone. Using existing strategies, reliable machinery and top-of – the-line car care products; if you are creatively deciding to launch a own company you will be your own boss. Your goal should be to attain a comfortable lifestyle and personal fulfillment in your own company.Have a look at Buccaneer Car Wash for more info on this.

You would need to clean vehicles, vans and buses for companies, government departments, local small businesses and individuals to provide a profitable mobile car wash service. Including personal vehicles and ships, you would require the opportunity to scrub virtually everything, everywhere at any time: V.R.s, automobiles, vessels, houses, asphalt, signage, construction machinery, mobile homes, etc.

You’ll be in it by yourself and you’ll enter an community of extremely driven businessmen who worry as much as you do for the success of their companies. You’ll meet new friends, support the neighborhood, keep in shape, work outside, raise money and love the career.

Recommended Equipment YOUR EQUIPMENT A fully self- (water, electricity) state– mobile car wash truck A good work truck Customized truck bed with toolboxes and diamond plate siding Stainless steel hot water pressure washer with quiet packing, 2,000- PSI and generator Four 1 million candle watt lights Custom paint Industrial vacuum with 40 Ft hose Carpet extractor with 30 Ft hos

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