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Finding a professional siding contractor involves more than just looking through company names in the phone book or perusing the internet. Have a look at roofing and siding contractors for more info on this.Quite frankly, anyone can “set-up shop” as a siding contractor by establishing a web page or newspaper advertisement. Your job as a consumer is to vet a contractor that has attracted your attention. Much like the Presidential Primaries help us to whittle-down the candidates, so too must we have a process for eliminating unscrupulous contractors.

First steps should include visiting your local Better Business Bureau website to determine if the company is a member. Never do business with a company that hasn’t committed to satisfying customer concerns by joining the Better Business Bureau. Next, check whether the company is registered in you state. The Attorney General’s website for your state is a quick way to ensure that you’re dealing with a legitimate contractor.

To ensure that you have selected the best contractor to install your vinyl siding and insulation, demand to speak to several of their clients. A quality company should have no qualms about giving at least 10 references with whom you can visit or at the very least speak. If the company representative bristles when you ask for 10 referrals, look elsewhere; this contractor is NOT for you.

Consider the years of experience they have under their belt, as well. A company in business less than five years likely hasn’t the track record sufficient to ensure you a professional project and warranty. After all, how good is a 30-year or lifetime guaranty when it’s offered by a contractor who has only been in business for three or four years?

Now that the background checks have been taken care of, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. It’s always a good idea to “test” each of the contractors you are considering with a good “gotcha” question. Here’s an example of a good “gotcha” question: “Are you certain that you’ll secure the siding vinyl siding to my house tightly so it won’t ever move around? I sure don’t want it to come off the side of my home!” Beware of anyone who answers in the affirmative. You see, vinyl siding expands and contracts. Therefore, installers must only nail the material partially into the wall, allowing room for the siding to move as temperatures and humidity change.

Or this question: “Will you bend the metal for corner-posts and J-channel right on-site while installing my siding or will you be doing that at your shop prior to that start of my project?” Stay away from the installer who nods in agreement to this one! All starter-strips, corner mouldings and J-channel should be made of vinyl by the same company that manufactured the siding.

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