Stream MDH – Long Distance Romance       

What ever the reason for you being apart from each other, keeping the romance going and strengthening the love in a long distance romance can be a challenging thing to accomplish. First and foremost thing to do is to have a plan in place how you can bring to an end this long distance romance by either planning for marriage and moving in together, or you moving back to the city of your partner etc. There has to be a time line for the same, as this can not go on for ever. Ensure that you have a free and fair discussion with your partner and get his / her point of view. Ensure the decision is mutual. Come watch and join us at Stream MDH for here.

Some people are extremely carrier oriented and can postpone love and relationships for a later time. For those people maintaining a long distance relationship is not a problem as they can manage it better. They don’t need the reassurance and frequent touch that is otherwise required.

Often character frailties are exposed in a long distance romance. If you and your partner are in the same city it can work as a moral deterrence from falling for another person. However if your partner is in a different city and you find some one very attractive it might be difficult for you not to fall for that person. Has that ever happened to you before? If yes then a long distance relationship is not for you.

Ensure that you are communicating as much as possible during this long distance romance and there is actually a plan to ensure that you make the time to call up and speak to each other. Be prepared for an increase in your cell phone bills with long distance calling. Must press for improved coverage from the current carrier. If you’re an current carrier that can’t provide you anymore, then switch to another airline. Your companion and you may require extra time while talking on the phone than you would normally spend when you’re in the same city together. Punctuate these video and other types of talk phone sessions where you can see one another.

Whenever necessary, spend time together and punctuate your moments apart. Take time off every six weeks or so, and be together for the weekend. Just be together, without being disturbed by anything. Such kinds of mini vacations will help you overcome the stress of living apart. Although you may be spending time on phone and video calls etc. there is simply no option to spending time together physically.

In any partnership Trust is a building block. It’s even more important when you’re physically separated, because your partner can’t be with you in person and your words and photos are the only outlet between you. Telephone reassurance and the confidence you put on each other, even though your determination lets the time fly until you have a permanent solution.

There’s usually a lot of skepticism around dating on long distances. Something like this can’t work and you’re going to end up going to make runs. Don’t send them in. If you’re noticing your mind become fuzzy, pick up the phone and chat to your friend. Tell something to remind yourself and your family that you’re really engaged and that you’re going to be fine. This takes time to build cumulative partnerships and there is no magic formula here. So focus on it, work harder in this case and you will be making a good of this long-distance relationship.

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