Understanding The Various Roofing Styles and Slopes

Today a number of different types of roofing are used. That style is distinctive in its structure and nature, and most often to a particular area. A specific type of building can also, at times, decide the type of roof that will cover it.

The explanation why all roofing types are used in similar places is that, depending on the environment, they all work similarly. This article outlines some of today’s most popular roofing designs, and provides some information on each.

Four evenly pitched (that is, sloped) sides resembling a pyramid are distinguished by a hipped roof. While not as widely used as certain other styles, this can be seen in different parts of the world. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Roofing Contractors Mundelein.

The four sloping sides line up at a ridge across the top on a flat style roof. The front ridge here is typically broader than the lateral parts.

The four sloping sides come to a point on a pyramidal roof, at the top of the roof. This form a pyramid, of course, and is reminiscent of older architecture.

Perpendicular wings are attached to the central portion of the roof on a cross-hipped roof, forming two separate parts each with their own hipped facade. A gambrel roof is constructed such that there are two slopes on either side; a steeper lower slope, and a flatter upper one. Perhaps this is connected to barns.

Asymmetrical sides are gabled with a saltbox roof. It is said that this sort of roof resembles a saltbox of the 18th century, and was used many years ago to cover homes whose architectural style shared the same name.

A Mansard roof forms a double slope, where there are two slopes on each of the four sides. The lower slopes here are steeper than those at the top.

A shed roof consists of one high pitched plane which covers the whole structure. This is also used for handmade accessories and porch covering.

A flat roof does not include slopes, and may have eaves or not. This style continues to be used in many places today.

When you need a new roof and are uncertain about the types and designs that are going to fit for your home or house, consult with a field professional. Wherever you stay, will make a huge difference, as can the style of building you choose to re-roof. There are a lot of choices for you and a lot of people out there to help you make the choice.

Even the cost of your new roof can vary depending on the type of roof you choose and the materials used. Some roofs are more complex, and some materials cost more than others. The exact form you select may be a matter of personal choice, or may depend on where you are. Before you make a decision study all the forms at your disposal to find out which ones would be the safest. Often inquire for construction costs as well as details about service and warranties. You’ll need this in the future because you think for your brand new roof and maintain it properly.

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