Utility Locating: The Importance of CCTV Inspection

The need to locate usefulness in any process; building, demolition, or excavation is a very critical and necessary step for any further work to be done. CCTV underground inspection is a very common method of locating underground drainage, sewerage, and electrical lines, especially in inaccessible areas. Learn more about Mt. View Locating Services LLC. – Buckley Utility Locating.

Inspection by CCTV is a non-destructive and constructive method of locating the service. This approach uses mobile camera technology to gather visual data on where the current underground utilities are located. This method allows to determine any issues associated with the drain and sewerage pipes, such as blockages or losses, besides determining the location of the underground utilities. It’s called a constructive approach precisely because of this possibility.

The CCTV inspection method is being used by more and more utility companies, since ~3⁄4f its accuracy and speed. Underground lines are complex, especially in the major towns. Consider it as a network of numerous sewerage, drain, and electrical lines and can trigger unforeseen and costly problems to harm them. If there is some problem, such as damaging or blocking any pipes, workers need to dig for a few days or even weeks to detect the issue. CCTV inspection system improves the procedure by collecting documented documents, which is used by engineers. After reviewing the documents, engineers would send staff guidance on the areas to avoid for the smooth running of the project.

It is normal to see cases where underground pipes need to be replaced due to damage or disuse. Instead of thinking where the pipes are located, utilising the method of inspection by CCTV is better. The length, depth and type of the pipes can also be calculated. You don’t need to waste time searching and destroying the items around you.

Were you aware that CCTV stands for Closed Circuit TV? This approach uses advanced cameras for mobile devices, rendering the underground a transparent, light location. An fascinating fact is that these cameras can get to as high as 2 m in diameter in pipes as small as 50 mm in diameter. They are controlled remotely from above, for distances of up to 500 m.

Workers can come across hidden objects in the concrete walls during demolition or construction. You can detect their presence using CCTV inspection tool. This method ‘s dependence on data makes it simpler and quicker for everyone involved in the process: from engineers to staff.

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