What Makes A Good Storage Unit

If you need a self-storage unit to store your valuable memorabilia, furniture, household goods, or merchandise for your business, you need to know that your goods will be available when you need them, in the same condition that the items are stored in. How do you know if you own a good storage unit? The following tips will help you decide the unit’s best type, size and safety for your needs.Find expert advice about easyStorage Self Storage Wimbledon read here.


While some storage units offer 24-hour access seven days a week, others have limited access times to enhance safety. If you’re going interstate for a couple of months to live and don’t have to reach the storage unit in the interim, you obviously don’t need the 24-hour alternative. If you use the unit to store goods for your business premises, such as a retail store, you may want the 24-hour access option, as you may need to store your shelves after regular business hours.


Your goods will be better stored if you have sufficient storage space to allow the air to circulate some space between box columns. You may prefer renting a larger space than you think you need, making sure you don’t have to stack items that are too high and risk falls and breakages, or stacking furniture on top of other furniture and risk scratching your good furniture you want to keep.

Typically the smallest units usable are 1.5 to 2 cubed metres. This will hold about 50 daily boxes of items, without any parts of furniture.

A storage unit of 2 meters by 5 meters will store about 100 boxes, or a mattress set, a sofa, a drawer chest, and a dining table set-the basic pieces in a one-bedroom small unit.

The largest storage unit should have the contents of a home with three or four bedrooms.

Estimate the cubic space you will need to store the goods when you stack the boxes or furniture as you wish to store the pieces before choosing a storage unit to suit your needs. If you don’t want the furniture packed, you’ll need a bigger storage area. Storage company staff should be able to provide you with accurate estimation of what you might expect to fit within each storage unit form.

Temperature Test

You don’t have to think too much about climate regulation in Sydney, as Sydney doesn’t have high weather when you buy items that require refrigeration. However, you want to check that if heavy rains hit Sydney the storage unit is sufficiently protected from flooding.


Health standard would be one of the key factors when buying a storage space. If you rent the unit to a new client, you might want to test if the business switches keys and locks, so that past tenants can not attempt to enter the device in any way. You do want cctv systems, a fenced and guarded perimeter and sufficient locks to discourage thieves from stealing your precious items.

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